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About Us

About us


The Homestead offers a variety of wedding packages, both indoor or outdoor.  Unlike many outdoor weddings, you are not at the mercy of the elements.  In the case of a weather "surprise," your event will be a success.  Enjoy your country wedding with the conveniences of highway access (we're located on IL Rt. 97 between Springfield and Petersburg, Illinois) and offer the following amenities:

  • Scenic location with a variety  of locations for the wedding ceremony
  • Great venues for wedding, reception or engagement photos
  • Full five day advance set up before your wedding (don't be rushed!)
  • Garden weddings available
  • Enough space for parties up to 300 persons
  • The reception can be held enclosed or with large doors opened for a "pavilion" appeal
  • Bar and full kitchen for your convenience
  • Your choice of caterer
  • Tables and chairs furnished
  • Indoor restrooms
  • Central dance floor with plenty of space
  • Fire pit and outdoor seating
  • Designated DJ area
  • Ample parking
  • Barn is one level - handicap      accessible

· Share and enjoy a special lifestyle close to Springfield and Petersburg, on a small 10 acre working family farm, that puts you right in the middle of nature.  It's a special place that we have enjoyed for over thirty years and wish to share with others for a perfect event.  We are a family owned and operated business and are experienced in making events special in every way.  


The Homestead works with a variety of vendors for catering, decorations, photographic and videographic services, and more.  Or you can also use your own caterers and other talented professionals.  The Homestead Reception  

The Ideal Setting for your Wedding or Event


Enjoy the serenity and privacy of a rural setting for your wedding venue, reception, reunion, birthday party, prom party, meeting - or any other special event.  We are located approximately 15 minutes from Springfield, IL and just 10 minutes from Lincoln's New Salem on IL Rt. 97.    

For details and rate info, please call Sandy at 217.502.0019.  


Plan your special event on a real working farm.  You'll enjoy the fresh air, solitude and the wide range of indoor vignettes for your special event.  Please check out our photos throughout the website to get ideas.  We can seat up to 300 persons and are close to the many wineries and approximately 30 festivals each year in Menard and Sangamon Counties.

Packages Available and Services


The Homestead

Robert & Sandra Newman

10394 St. Hwy. 97, Tallula, Il 62688





To guarantee your date:

1. Date of event is reserved when contract is signed and the down payment has been received. Packages can be upgraded until the second payment is due, and then is included in the final payment.

2. The final payment is due on or before 90 days of the event. Also, due with the second payment is a separate check of $200 as a security deposit against damages, which will not be cashed and returned to the renter after the wedding if there are no damages or missing Homestead items to be accounted for. If damages or missing items exceed the $200 deposit the renter will be billed and is obligated to pay the excess within thirty days. 

3. In case of a cancellation we will need you to sign a release indicating that you no longer will be using our facility on the date of the original contract. If we then have an opportunity to rent the Homestead on the date you released the second payment will not be due, and we will refund all but 20% of your down payment to whomever paid the original fee. If the barn cannot be rented on your previously planned date then according to your original contract the second payment is still due 90 days prior to the event.

4. We are in Menard County and your marriage license can be obtained at the Petersburg, Illinois courthouse.

Date of Event_________________________________________

Renter’s Name_________________________________________


Phone Numbers____________________________________

e-mail: ________________________________________________

Barn space choice (can be changed at setup, never two weddings): 

“Original Barn”: ________________________________________

“New Addition” to Barn Usage: __________________________

“Both Sections of the Homestead”: _______________________

1st Down Payment Received:

Date of Down Payment:________Amount:$_________________

2nd Down Payment Due:( 90 days prior to event)

Balance of $___________due on ______________

Plus, a separate check (90 days before wedding) for damages-$200.00 (We don’t cash this check unless there has been damage.)

Renter’s Signature______________________________________

Date contract signed ________________________________________

Owner’s Signature_____________________________________

We would like to ask for a few pictures from your wedding to be featured in our advertising and permission to post wedding pictures on Face Book on the day of the wedding. If you give us permission, please initial is okay. _______________________

Original Building Only

Package #1- $2,500 includes a Garden/Barn Wedding, rehearsal and Reception (We will never have two weddings the same day).

Extras with this package

· An old-fashioned popcorn machine with us popping the corn, furnishing the sacks and product 

  • We have two kegerators available (we supply the gas).
  • We supply wood for the fire pit  
  • There is also ice cream available when the cake is cut (we serve and supply the  product).
  • Catering and bar service, as well as Disc jockey are your choice; however, we can help you connect with some fine services.
  • We have several flower gardens to choose from for outdoor weddings and a large or small white  archway is available as well as a ranch style arch
  • We also provide a china  service, and pint-sized Mason jars for drinks
  • No matter who does the catering, we are happy to do the busing afterwards
  • We also have helpers that will park cars; serve your wine or champagne help with the cake or assist  in any way they can.  Both my wife and I will help in any way, we can and we will provide one helper at no charge.
  • There are burlap runners for table settings, lace chair coverings, wooden rounds of various sizes, and vases available. 
  • We have some photo opportunities if you would like to use one of our antique cars or even a buggy.
  • We even have a portable “band stage” that can be moved around outside for placement of your choice.
  • Extra 200 chairs for outdoor weddings or indoors.
  • We provide lemonade, sweet tea, coffee, unsweetened tea, and bottled water.
  • You have access for the facility from Tuesday the week of your wedding through Sunday for setup and breakdown.
  • There is wi-fi for your DJ  and guests
  • A dressing room for both girls and guys
  • Two bar areas with a wine coolers and Keg options, and one bar will also have an outside option for direct serving to the firepit.
  • Five restrooms.
  • There are three refrigerators and a freezer for your flowers and ice. We are also adding a walk-in cooler in the new addition.
  • There are several chalk type frames for your special use as well as two chalk type doors for any      announcements you would like to make.
  • We can provide salt and pepper shakers (pre-filled) for your tables if desired.
  • There are also designated      decoupaged framed table numbers for each table if you would like special seating or for the DJ to call out table numbers for dining. 

Available in 2018 “The Homestead Addition” 

Including Year Around Access

With Heating and Air-conditioning

Package #2-  $2,500 includes a Garden/Barn Wedding, rehearsal and Reception. (We will never have two weddings the same day).

This package is for the use of the “New Addition Only” without the use of the original barn. Keep in mind the size of the new addition will only accommodate 250 people. So that we can make the new addition cost effective the air-conditioning is limited to the day of your rehearsal and wedding only. All extras with package #1 are available with this package

The Full Meal Deal

Package #3 - $3,000 includes a Garden/Barn Wedding, rehearsal and Reception utilizing both the “Original barn,” and the “New Addition.” Have a cocktail hour in one part and dinner and dance later in either part.

So that we can make the new addition cost effective the air-conditioning is limited to the day of your rehearsal and wedding only. All extras with package #1 are available with this package.

Package #4- Proms: The entire Homestead facilities with all extras are available for $2,000.00 (Absolutely no Alcohol allowed with this package)

Package #5- Showers, small parties, reunions, business meetings, and other small events are booked only one month in advance and vary in price according to your needs, and the size of your event. 

Commercial Kitchen: We are adding a large kitchen with 26 range top burners, 7 ovens, and soon an indoor charcoal grill (10 X 3 feet) and walk-in cooler that can be added to any package for an additional $300.

Alcohol Policy at the Homestead:


Client provides The Homestead Reception Center with a Special Event Insurance Endorsement if liquor is being served.  Usually, you can get a Special Event Insurance Endorsement from your local insurance agent that you already do business with under your homeowner’s policy.  The Homestead Reception Center needs to be listed as an “Additional Insured” and we recommend coverage with a liability of $1,000,000 (most of these “umbrella policies” run between $25 and $65).

 The Effective Date will vary depending on:

  • If you are having liquor (beer, wine, coolers, or champagne) at the wedding reception, you will      need at least a 24-hour coverage period.
  • If you are having liquor (beer, wine, coolers, or champagne) at the rehearsal dinner and the wedding reception, you will need a 48-hour coverage period.
  • In addition, if you are also having “hard liquor” or “mixed drinks,” (anything that has a alcohol proof   over that of wine or beer: such as, whiskey, vodka, and gin) there needs to be a licensed and insured bartender serving the “mixed drinks,” and hard alcohol.”
  • We will need a copy of the   bartender’s license and insurance at least one week before the wedding      date.  Thank you.

Items not Furnished by the Homestead and other charges:

  • Four patio heaters can be used but you supply the fuel (You will not need them in the “New  Addition,” but could be helpful in the “Original Homestead” in early spring and fall).
  • Extension cords, soda,  serving utensils, small plates for the cake, ice, or tablecloths (unless  you desire to rent ours at $2 each), and pots and pans are not furnished by the Homestead. However, we do have a number of tablecloths available at $2 apiece for your rehearsal or      reception, as well as several light purple napkins at $.25 each.
  • We do not furnish silverware (most use “reflection” tableware), ice, nor are real candles to be used.

No Charges at the Homestead for any of these items:


Includes up to forty tables and 200 chairs at no cost for the reception, another set of 200 chairs at no cost for the wedding with an arched arbor available if decided, and an event grill for your rehearsal. In addition, the rental includes from the Tuesday preceding your wedding for you to arrange the event in a personalized manner, through Sunday for cleanup. No charge for garbage cleanup on any package.  All packages include free Wi-Fi for your Disc Jockey and guests.

  • A full kitchen with two    refrigerators, deep freeze, dishwasher, stove, and microwaves are included  at no charge on every package.
  • Includes tables and chairs at no cost for the reception.
  • An event grill if desired for your rehearsal if you have package three, four, or a prom.
  • Both my wife and I will help in any way we can during your event at no charge.
  • No charge for garbage cleanup on any package. 
  • Customers place the chairs and tables for the wedding and reception themselves, and return them to    storage after the wedding.

Extra Charges at the Homestead for some items

· Linen Ivory tablecloths for up to forty tables at $2 each if you wish to use them.

· There are two salamander heaters for the original barn and their rental is free if you pay for the diesel fuel.

Lily Tamasko’s General Store at the Homestead

Our granddaughter will have a small general store with rustic rentals including all types of galvanized buckets and washtubs at a small rental price. 

Listed below are vendors that you may want to consider using. These names are for your information and are suggestions only!


Sunny Sensations Florals-Barb Rebbe-1.217.899.3517 


Specialty Cakes- Springfield-1.217.698.6399

Tama’s Treats Bakery – 1.217.458.2244


Mariah’s Catering-Springfield-217.793.1900

Poe’s Catering-Sherman-1.217.487.7601

Nelson’s Catering-Springfield-217.787.9443

Hamilton’s Catering-Jacksonville-

Flugenzi’s Trattoria & Catering- Chatham, 217.483.6433

DJ Service

Max Bumgardner-DJB Light and Sound-217.494.5804/217.494.5408

Wendell Zulauf-217.971.6405

Tony Boston 217.544.1404

Trolley and Party Bus Service

Stier Trolley Service-217.632.7876

Party Bus. Flipside DJ Service– 309-224-9794


Riverbank Lodge-Petersburg-217.632.0202

Bar Services

Ace’s Beverage Catering – 217-652-5104 Petersburg, Illinois  

Tammy Miner – 217.415.3040 Chatam, Illinois

Brent Schwoerer

Owner / Founder / Brewer

Engrained Brewery & Restaurant

Springfield, IL


Special Woodburned Pictures and More

Samuel Lee– 3511 East 600 Street, Plymouth, Il. 62367

Great Place for Kegs and Spirits

Northender -- – 217-523-7523 1215 N 9th St, Springfield, Illinois  Ask for Joe and they will deliver your needs directly to the Homestead at no charge and volume discounts are available.

For Those Rustic Extras

Rustic Love Rentals - - 217-750-2026 Lincoln, Illinois

The Homestead No-No’s

1. No fireworks (unless there is a licensed firm doing the display in non-drought conditions) -sparklers are fine.

2. No pets/animals of any kind.

3. No sprinkles, confetti, silly string, gummi bears, jelly beans, gum balls, glitter, no silk flower petals outside, or real flower petals inside.

4. No use of ladders other than for decoration.

5.  No nails, staples, screws, or hooks in the walls (if it’s on the wall it stays there).

6. No wax candles: battery powered only.

7. No kerosene lamps.

8. Personal property belonging to the customer is required to be removed by the night after the event or arrangements to pick-up after the event is to be made prior to the event. 

9.  The use of the barn for the reception ends at midnight.

10.  Not available at this time: napkins, silverware, ice (we have a freezer for storage of ice bags).

11. What’s in the barn stays in the barn. 

12. No Recreational Vehicles or “stayovers” 

Contact Us

Feel Free to visit our Facebook Page

The Homestead Reception Center

10394 State highway 97, Tallula, IL 62688, US or at Bksnewman@aol.com

(217) 502-0019


To set up a tour call or drop us a line as to the day and time of your visit and we will be here for you.